Erase borders through
engineering without limits.
Our mission is to leverage engineering to
create services with a global impact.
Our user is an international citizen.
Rather than focusing inward towards Japan,
we choose to build services that are used the world over.

The pursuit of quality and utility

High quality solutions bereft of fluff; we create the most apt solution to solve the problem at hand.


Our user is global, as such we keep a global mindset as we develop for and serve a global community.

A team of specialists

A gathering of experts, we seek out difficult problems and present solutions.


Localize your website in
5 minutes
"Welcome the world in one line of code" is a simple, yet powerful tool that can bring your site from one language, to multiple languages in minutes. By inserting one line of code into a site, can provide a multitude of language options to its users. We're building this service with minimal design in mind. Our goal is to offer an incredibly powerful tool belied by it's straightforward and uncluttered design. Click the button below to check out the home page.
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  • Takaharu Hayashi
    Takaharu Hayashi
  • Jeff Sandford
    Jeffrey Sandford
  • Hisayuki Uemori
    Hisayuki Uemori


Company Minimal Technologies, inc.
Founded March 5, 2014
Capital 465.82 million yen (including capital reserve) February/28/2017
Director Takaharu Hayashi
Business Development of website localization service
Location 3F New Towa Bldg, 5-2-39, Minamiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0047
Fiscal term February